Data analytics


Government bodies/agencies generate vast volumes of data daily, in the form of log files, web servers, transactional data, and various other public-related data. Data analytics is used to find hidden patterns, unseen trends, discover correlations, and derive valuable insights from them to help make impactful decisions in the CIP sector. We are experts in providing customized data analytics services that aid in data interpretation for goal-oriented operations.

To help the CIP sector tap into avenues of growth and perform seamless operations, ACSG Corp. develops customized analytics software solutions, which reduces costs, improves returns and minimizes risks. ACSG’s Instant Visualization Analysis software (IVA) offers inter-database mapping and accordingly displays relevant results in graphical representation forms, like a pie chart, infographic, table, among others. Based on progressive technologies, the software examines huge data sets to reveal hidden patterns and draw correlations to build airtight security channels.

ACSG is working closely with the health sector, oil & gas refineries and the tourism sector, among others, to enhance operations and performances.