RF analyser – Drone/Anti-Drone


While drones are increasingly being used across various sectors to support fire-fighting and search and rescue operations, to monitor and assess critical infrastructures, among other services, anti-drone solutions assumed a greater significance after the drone attack on the Jammu Air Force station in 2021.

ACSG Corp. has developed an intelligent and customised drone and counter drone management systems that detect, track, and neutralize rogue drones at a distance of several kilometres by leveraging high-end Electro-Optical Cameras (EO), RF Detectors, with advanced Video Analytic Software. The powerful AI algorithms and video analytics not only distinguish drones from birds, clouds and other flying objects, but also classify their make and models.

When it comes to border security, ACSG’s 360-degree advanced radar system can track intruding drones from a range of 3 kms, neutralising the perceived threat even before it makes an impact. Our combination of high-powered jammers and advanced radar system is capable of safeguarding critical government and residential buildings from rogue drones.