About Us

ACSG Corp. is an ever-growing Critical Infrastructure Security Company that serves varied prestigious organizations across the country. Headquartered at Delhi, ACSG Corp. was incorporated in 2007 and has ever since been an industry leader at integrating and managing structured and unstructured data to convert it into meaningful insights. Our exclusively developed software assist in offering intrinsic security solutions to the authorities for safeguarding the crucial safety systems, networks and other vital assets.
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We understand the complex technological needs of today and offer extensible solutions that are built around your exact requirements. We work around the latest technology and bring out something new each time.

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ACSG Corp. caters to the needs of various different organizations to safeguard the critical infrastructure sectors. We have varied solutions for the different needs of each sector.

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DETECT SEDITIOUS CONTENT: System and Method for Detecting Seditious Content: Our Advanced Monitoring Tool