About Us

ACSG Corp. is a Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) company that focuses on advances and innovations in automation, analytics, drone/anti-drone technology, critical network security and social communication (Social Communication Hub) for the government sector. We also deliver the best-in-class services, such as support and maintenance, risk assessment and consulting. We are headquarted in New Delhi, but manage operations across India and ……

Organisations, both government and private, are continuously striving to improve and digitalise their processes and are gaining a competitive edge with their use of, for example, automation and data analytics, enabling evidence-based decision-making, process optimisation and insight generation. Automation, especially in public services, is enabling governments to provide greater levels of customer experience. This increasingly growing need to integrate technology by organisations is driving ACSG Corp. towards developing novel products and services to help secure critical infrastructures.

One of ACSG Corp.’s key features is co-creating solutions with clients that are most suited to their objectives through deep consulting and personalised services. Ideas are shared in a collaborative process, thereby creating new concepts and solutions. When it comes to product innovation and development, or process refinement and improvement, the role of ACSG Corp.’s Research and Development department is critical since continuous evolution is the only way to stay ahead of the curve. Within the scope of R&D, the company also evaluates existing products to ensure they continue to function effectively. We constantly monitor and upgrade. Our team of engineering professionals, with a keen analytical mind, effectively identify customer needs and risks, outlining deliverables and deadlines. They also provide mentoring and hands-on training for clients.
In a nutshell, ACSG Corp. specialises in helping agencies and public institutions of varying sizes realise their full potential by transforming their systems landscape, simplifying their process footprint, and streamlining their workflows.



Enabling Agile and Accurate Decision Making Across Critical Infrastructure Sectors


Power & Energy




Oil & Gas




Reinventing the Science of Analytics


Right from examining the enormous amount of data to revealing hidden patterns and drawing correlations, our software is based on progressive technologies, and built through airtight security channels. This moves Critical Infrastructure organizations to make smarter decisions, without any compromise on (unauthorized) data access.




Sophisticated and integrated analytics combined with deep domain knowledge.


Foundational change to analytics approach through innovations and advanced technologies.


Secured and responsible data handling and analysis.