About Us

An ever-growing Critical Infrastructure Security Software Company

About Us

ACSG Corp. is an ever-growing Critical Infrastructure Security Company that serves the Government and Law Enforcement bodies across the country. Headquartered at Delhi, ACSG Corp. was incorporated in 2007 and has ever since been an industry leader at integrating and managing structured and unstructured data to convert it into meaningful insights. Our exclusively developed software assist in offering intrinsic security solutions to the authorities for safeguarding country’s crucial safety systems, networks and other vital assets.

As the amount of information is multiplying day by day, and will further increase in the coming years, it is important to find able means of keeping it all in safe zone. With advanced technological mechanisms, Government and law enforcement bodies is facing major challenges to maintaining the security of the networks. All this data and software functioning are vital for authorities to taking key decisions in order to ensure the welfare of the nation and its citizens. Critical Infrastructure Security solutions play a tremendous role in sealing any cracks or loopholes existing in the system that may be taken advantage of and also, makes the entire process of decision making simpler and quicker.

Our software are well-equipped to not just assist in examining the enormous amount of data and to reveal the hidden patterns, correlations and other insights but only offering airtight security channels for the data. This helps the Government and law agencies to take efficient security decision for protecting and enhancing the critical infrastructure and reach to a wise conclusion effectively. Our team of experts holds special skills in understanding the trends and patterns in order to develop relevant security solutions for an entity. And, with great technical expertise coupled with industry exposure help a big deal in information security and business strategy development.

The team is well-versed in understanding the density of complex data, discovering large patterns, connecting the dots and finally coming out with constructive solutions, all while ensuring complete security of data, networks and other tools.

Additionally, the company also has a team of data scientists that are focused on deploying premium level integrated analytics with cyber security in order to have a single view of diverse security data to eventually aid the security operation centres in India. These centres are responsible for detecting, preventing & responding to cyber-threats smartly.

We are focused on innovative technology suitable for pre-emptive strategies. Our approach begins with threat assessment and risk analysis, followed by thorough planning for prevention & mitigation and preparedness & response measures. Our company takes pride in providing innovative solutions with confidentiality and professionalism. We believe in offering customized solutions as every circumstance is different.

Exclusive Security Software to Safeguard All Control Systems & Networks!